The Sad Demise of Manpreet Singh by Patrick Bryson 2014 Front Cover

Dominic ‘Biscuit’ McLeod is an expert in making the best out of a bad situation. As a visa fraud investigator at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi, Biscuit is legendary for his prowess in drinking beer, playing cricket, and swearing like a Dilliwallah, until the tragic death of a junior colleague forces him to become something else – a conspiracy theorist who can’t let go. Armed with only a hangover, a loathing for authority, and an inability to believe the lies that he is being told, Biscuit stumbles from crisis to catastrophe in a shambolic search for the truth. From the villages of Punjab to the cricket fields of Delhi, and the walled compounds of Gurgaon and Chanakyapuri, with dodgy visa agents, crooked cops, Aussies journalists, Afghani pimps and American spies for company, Biscuit never looks like solving the case, or leaving the party early. A bold comic debut, The Sad Demise of Manpreet Singh is a novel about the things people will do to leave the places they don’t want to be, and the lengths others will go to try and stop them.


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“An important debut. Brilliant, with an authentic ‘desi’ touch. A must read.”
– The King of Hindi Crime Fiction, Surender Mohan Pathak.


“The author does a grand job of exploring the action-potential in New Delhi’s diplomatic enclave and the result is what The Constant Gardener might have read like were it penned in Khushwant Singh’s humorous tone.”
– Zac O’Yeah, author of Once Upon A Time In Scandinavistan
and Mr Majestic: The Tout Of Bengaluru.


“Flavorful as butter chicken, as unputdownable as a Patiala peg.”
– Samrat Choudhury, author of The Urban Jungle book.


“An electrifying thriller debut.”
– Mint Lounge.


“This brilliantly crafted noir thriller gets everything right from the determined detective to the femme fatales. It keeps you entertained as you zig and zag through the plot, feel nervous excitement during the twists, fall in love with the characters, and laugh your butts off at the funnies.”
– Jugal Mody, Author of Toke


“A thriller set in the Visa Section? Against all the odds, it works. Absurd fun, but with an authentic taste of India too. A bit uncharitable about the cricket team though.”
– Simon ‘Bruce’ Denyer, Author of Rogue Elephant.


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