Grow A Beard, Jonathon

No, that’s not the name of the Nigerian President. It’s the obvious pathway back to international cricket for Jonathon Trott. The man needs some facial hair, and to learn a lesson from his destroyer in the first test Mitch ‘The Mo’ Johnson. In moustaccium sanitas. Both Johnson and Warner have been through recent stress related absences in the game themselves, but they have bounced back by embracing their inner-bogan, and unleashing the giant within – using the moustache as an outward expression of their newfound strength. Grow A Beard, Jonathon. For the love of God, Queen, and England, grow a big […]

Keep the Mo, Mitchell (Australia 1-0)

Mitchell Johnson may only have grown the latest addition to Australian Cricket History for Movember, and raising awareness for men’s health, but for the campaign to reclaim the Ashes – and the love of all things good – his new handlebar has to stay. From its very beginnings, cricket has needed its facial hair – especially among the fast bowlers. A quickie with a mo means business, no double entendre intended. Something about the look evokes fear, and adds menace to the fizz of the bullet as it passes the nose. Australia’s Fred ‘The Demon’ Spofforth was the first in […]